To dance is the best thing you can do! You will feel good! CU Western Line is about dancing - Line Dance and Square Dance. 
Dancing gives many positive health aspects, for example: Brain gymnastics - mental training, we listen and train in new varying movement patterns. This gives us a better ability to concentrate. We activate more muscle groups than in our normal work. We get better balance through dance training. We prevent osteoporosis through the dance that strengthens the bone structure. We get a better posture through strengthened muscles. We get better condition, have more stamina and stay healthy. We get to share a joy and fellowship with other dancers.
Check out the NEWDANCES from Tina & Urban
Counts and walls
48 counts, 2 walls
"Natural" by Austin's Rose
32 counts, 4 walls
"Sixteen and Young" by Jeremy Egg Band

Sixteen and Young